Victimless crimes essay example

Prostitution is not illegal in certain countries and some cities in the United States; in these places, it is highly regulated, taxed, and viewed as a legitimate occupation. Similarly, narcotic dealers and their patrons voluntarily agree to a transaction much the same as that involving the purchase of alcohol or shopping for groceries.

Victimless Crimes Essay

There are four broad categories of crimes which can be considered as victimless crimes. Domestic violence and child abuse is a crime; are drug addicts not violent with their family, do they not neglect their children, do they not abuse their children emotionally.

Many of the unemployed people in the U.

Victimless crime

The people who pay their taxes hoping to receive better healthcare for themselves and their children are paying for the inadvertencies of drug addicts. Under the offense principle it is observed that an action that is considered an offense may not necessarily cause any harm to another person hence making the offense a victimless crime, unlike under the harm principle where there is direct harm Purpura, Enron Scandal, Tax evasion is not considered to be as big of a crime as accounting fraud because of the publicity that accounting fraud receives in comparison to tax evasion.

S are actually in the business of growing or selling marijuana and by legalizing it, it will open up the opportunity for them to get a job that they have experience in and will excel in. Similarly, the crime of drunk driving driving under the influence does not always involve a victim, but the behavior is outlawed on the presumption that the likelihood of an accident increases when a driver is intoxicated.

Drug abuse, another crimes that is considered victimless, actually has many victims. Therefore it is difficult to define use of narcotics by women as a victimless crime since there are others who are likely to suffer from the action of the perpetrator. However, these activities have not always been criminalized.

In other cases, such as prostitution, individuals are chastised for engaging in behaviors that are far from what is considered normal by members of a society. Criminal Justice and Moral Issues. Community policing is one of the most effective strategy that has been used to prevent situational and traditional crimes.

Therefore, under victimless crime, the offender will often be arrested and charged for the violation of the law that prohibits the illegal act but not for causing direct harm to a victim since there is no victim Brux, For example, in an assault crime, the offender will be the person carries out the assault while the victim is the one who is assaulted.

Stealing money is a crime; are drug addicts not stealing from the citizens when we have to pay for their medical bills. This in itself is a crime, drug addicts stealing money from society, just by using drugs.“A victimless crime is an offense that is consensual and lacks a complaining participant,”(Schur, ; Meier and Geis, ).

Victimless crimes are crimes lacking grievances since it is believed that there are no victims. Victimless crimes as a violation of the criminal law Essay Sample.

Victimless crimes as a violation of the criminal law Essay Sample

Victimless Crime, as the name suggests refer to a crime that is committed. A crime is a serious offense against the public law (Webster Dictionary), but not all serious crimes have a clear victim.

Victimless crimes, legal offenses to which all parties consent and no parties are injured, however, account for 86% of the Federal Prison population (Libertarian News). Undercriminalization, the failure to prohibit some behavior that arguably should be prohibited (Introduction to Criminal Justice), arises a lot in victimless crime cases, eventually leading to even more crimes.

Victimless crimes provide revenue for greater organized crimes. Victimless Crimes: Definition, Types & Examples. Consequently, this is an example of a victimless crime.

Now, imagine that Mary is a prostitute and Bob is a customer. Bob pays Mary for sex. Victimless Crime Essay Sample Victimless crime is defined as an illegal act that is felt to have no direct or identifiable victim. Drug possession and usage is considered to be a type of victimless crime.

Victimless crimes essay example
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