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Neck, a complete and utter bastard to Melinda for the entire story, showing genuine concern for her at the end of the movie and calling her by her first name.

Melinda feels safe in the art room, until Andy Freeman tells his class that each of them will be focusing on only one object for Are adults like this?

Although he asks her to describe In Catalystwhich takes place a year after Speak and deals with another student at the same high school, it is revealed that Andy was found guilty of rape, but ended up not going to jail. She discovers the truth for herself in the end and finds her way back into their friendship.

We finally find out what has been tormenting Melinda. What qualities should a service club have? We Used to Be Friends: Naturally, someone overhears Melinda screaming and catches him in the act. Neck is forced to give ground or lose his job. Retrieved October 3, This scene is shown on page Melinda, given how she rarely speaks but her sarcastic side shines through all the time during her descriptions.

After Melinda calls the cops and the party is raided, she stops talking to Melinda and leads the way to making the girl an Outcast. One scene in the book features Melinda scratching herself with a paperclip until she bleeds.

Rachel, Melinda's former best friend, blames her for calling the police, dumps her for the exchange student posse, and yells at her when saying that Andy Evans raped her.

Hairwoman Melinda names her English teacher Hairwoman because she cannot see her face through her thick hair. Doesn't help that the rest of the school seems to hate her guts. The police come and break up the party. Freeman is pleased and impressed. Melinda has become so reserved and shy because of the traumatic event that happened at the party.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: A clearly scared girl with a disheveled look, calling the cops at a party which includes booze and a relatively wide age-gap of party-goers.

Melinda feels like an outcast. In the climax of the film, Melinda is able to blind Andy in the fight by pouring something likely cleaning product into his eyes.Mr.

Freeman- Mr. Freeman is the protagonist because he reached out to Melinda in a way that made a difference in Melinda's perspective of life. Mr. Freeman is Melindas art teacher and through out the entire book, school year, he encouraged her to believe in herself and her art work.

Maya pities Mr. Freeman because he spends his days at home waiting for Vivian to return. Maya begins sleeping at night with Vivian and Mr.

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Freeman because she suffers from nightmares. One morning after Vivian has left the bed and the house, Mr. Freeman sexually molests Maya. Mr.

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Neck doesn't understand Free Speech as David Petrakis does, but through this part of the novel, the reader can think about what it means to have the freedom to say what one believes.

the first amendment to the US constitution. Speak / Character Quotes / Mr. Freeman / Mr. Freeman. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis. Welcome to art class. Turn on your music, break out your favorite snacks, and start creating fabulous art. Get ready to ask some hard questions about yourself and your feelings.

And be prepared to work hard for art and truth. Main Character Melinda’s Parents. Mr. Freeman David Petrakis.

Andy Evans Heather from Ohio. Rachel/Rachelle Name Description Relationship to Melinda How they got this name if it is a nickname?

Ivy. How does she decide to speak and what does she say? Chapter 71 – Growing Pains pg View Essay - Maheen Batool speak essay from ENGLISH LA at Lester B. Pearson Senior High School. Maheen Batool speak.

Speak character mr freeman
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