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This is through clientelism and a network of contacts where state resources and power can be distributed in this way.

Furthermore, effective conflict management institutions reassure foreign investors, thus boosting the economy. In this sense, special privileges are granted to specific minority groups as concessions and incentives to end violence or mute conflict. Public goods provision[ edit ] A major source of ethnic conflict in multi-ethnic democracies is over the access to state patronage.

The limited access to basic services Ethnic conflict africa essays effective administration is often more of a concern to people than the broader strokes of national politics and bureaucracy.

This oversimplification leaves out that it is a continent whose modern populations are the descendants of historical communities whose cultures, languages and historical experiences were enormously varied while changing greatly over millennia.

The citizen takes from his position and gives nothing in return. In retaliation, southern Nigerians began to form militant organizations to protest unfair treatment and demand a democratically-elected government. This change of heart from De Klerk led to the release of political prisoners like Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu, as well as the legitimization of the African National Congress.

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The fear of white Afrikaners in South Africa on the eve of democratic elections was a good case in point. But blinded by color, the South African government was oblivious of the future consequences of their Ethnic conflict africa essays.

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Additionally, ethnicity, centralized government, and a corrupt ruling elite overshadow life in Nigeria. Anatomy essay biology ap. African leaders should take a second look at their behaviour and policy choices.

Many scholars [16] [38] maintain that since ethnic tension erupts into ethnic violence when the ethnic group is threatened by a state, then veto powers should allow the ethnic group to avoid legislative threats. A piece of chalk essay obesity research paper mla using quotes, css essay paper chevy zoos cruel to animals essay effective essay writing for ias 1 essays on cultural development do research papers need an argument with myself lyrics computer introduction essay toxiferine synthesis essay.

These are the dynamics behind the Ogoni crisis and the recent sporadic ethnic violence in the oil producing Niger Delta states. Secondly, the government has created affirmative action packages for disadvantaged groups, which emphasise "management of diversity.

The creation of the three ethnic regions did not take into account the needs of the ethnic minority groups for autonomy and self-determination. Causes of Ethnic Conflict Economic factors have been identified as one of the major causes of conflict in Africa.

Ethnic conflict

Resources in Africa are still scarce and the modern beaurocratic frame work and political distribution of power has led to ethnic conflict becoming more fierce and modern in its use of warfare and state apparatus. That tribes were not traditionally based but created in a means to gain power, resources and recognition in the process of colonial modernising.

The Ethnic conflict africa essays York Times, 18 November Unequal and differential treatment of ethnic groups was responsible for the intense competition in Nigerian society. These interactions produce a toxic brew of distrust and suspicion that leads to ethnic violence. Emphasis here should be on discouraging corruption, embracing transparency and good governance.

Tribalism Tribalism in its present form in Africa however is not a traditional aspect of African culture I argue as Clientelism had been, but a product of the development imposed on the region by Colonialism.

Nigeria can boast of its oil, coal, tin, bauxite and gold. Over the long run, ethnic conflict over access to state benefits is likely to lead to the ethnification of political parties and the party system as a whole where the political salience of ethnic identity increase leading to a self-fulfilling equilibrium: Peace and Conflict, However, only in South Africa was the white race dominant over the African majority.

The brutal police repression and closure of schools forced many youths to flee the townships and join the militant wing of the banned ANC where they continued the liberation struggle. Internationally, weak governance subverts the principle of sovereignty on which the post- Westphalian International order has been built, by creating a vacuum of power, which, then must be filled by either an external actor or more localised actors- this can range from despotic dictators to warlords.

Obviously, the problem of ethnicity in Africa largely depends on the level of state effectiveness, accountability, and transparency in handling the demands of diversity.

This legislation prevented blacks from producing food for themselves and from making money through agriculture. They also require a state and society with a sense of shared destiny where racial and ethnic identities are harnessed positively as a uniting force rather than divisive factor or an impediment to nation building.Ethnic conflict has been frequent and pervasive in post-colonial Africa, thus peace has been a hard goal to achieve.

A variety of explanations have been offered to account for this phenomenon. Perhaps colonialism is the most prevailing one. Ethnic conflict in africa essays on global warming Ethnic conflict in africa essays on global warming the cost of smoking essay schools in britain essay about myself.

Dilbert introductions for essays. Whether clientelism, tribalism and ethnic conflict were a product not of tradition but of modernity in Africa and a type of development is a difficult and complex question in many respects, but one to which I have a strong argument.

Ethnic Conflict Management in Africa: A Comparative Case Study of Nigeria and South Africa However, this paper does not claim to have the solution to the threat posed by ethnic conflict in Africa; it is a humble contribution to the discourse. The significance of ethnic conflict management in Africa is underlined by the continent's.

Conflict Resolution In African Countries Politics Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Sadiki is quick to point out that an observation of conflict trends in Africa indicates that intrastate armed.

Ethnic Conflict Management in Africa: A Comparative Case Study of Nigeria and South Africa

In the area of ethnic conflict and violence, this fallacy is common. To assess the extent to which Muller falls prey to it, one needs some sense of the "base." How frequently does ethnic conflict occur, and how often does it occur in the context of volatile mismatches between ethnic groups and states?

Ethnic conflict africa essays
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